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Who called you from 020131550 ?

+45 20 13 15 50 Denmark
50 % neutral
33 % Uopfordret opkald

Telefonnummer had en negativ bedømmelse.. We have 6 ratings and reviews for this phone number. 3 users marked it with neutral rating and 3 users with negative rating. Dette telefonnummer er markeret som 2x Uopfordret opkald, 2x Gene opkald, 1x Andre, 1x Call-center.

Telefonnummer skulle være fastnet- eller mobilnummer. Possible phone number formats are +45 20 13 15 50, 004520131550, 20 13 15 50, 20131550, +4520131550, tel:+45-20-13-15-50, +45 20131550, 020131550.

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Reviews for phone number 020131550

Behold ikke informationerne kun for dig selv. Beskriv Din oplevelse ved at bruge vores formular og Du vil også hjælpe andre brugere. Tak for Din vurdering.
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Gene opkald Polly

Pestering constantly


wanted to know if my phone was Samsung or iPhone soon as I said no phone went down

Gene opkald white meter

telesales electric

Uopfordret opkald shazza

That's a first a spam call from Denmark! least I think it was cos I didn't answer it!

unknown (Andre) NoName

fron Denmark?

Uopfordret opkald Michal

ringer på mærkelige tidspunkter, har ikke taget telefonen, men går udfra det er en sælger

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